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If you play in a league that counts holds odds are you’re familiar with David Robertson, New York Yankees setup man. He recorded 34 holds last season, which was tied for 3rd in all of MLB.

This alone makes him unquestionably valuable in holds leagues. However in addition to the holds, he also finished the year with a 1.08 ERA, a 1.13 WHIP and 100 strikeouts, good for an outstanding 13.5 K/9 ratio. Even in deeper leagues where holds aren’t a category, those numbers are good enough to be worthy of a roster spot.

Mariano Riveria is being coy about it, but it’s looking like 2012 is going to be his final season in baseball. He has stated he knows what his plans are, but he doesn’t want to reveal them quite yet. Based on what little he has said, though, we can speculate that his decision is to retire. Quotes like “Even if I save 90 games” don’t sound like something you would say unless you were leaning towards retirement.

If he does retire following the 2012 season, Robertson is the heir apparent. Even in leagues that count holds, closers tend to be more valuable, as holds are more difficult to predict, and easier to find on the waiver wire. Being moved to the closer role should boost Robertson’s fantasy value, and put him on fantasy radar in leagues of all formats.

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