From Good to Great: Freddie Freeman

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Freeman got a cup of coffee in the bigs in 2010 at the age of 20. He logged 24 ABs over 20 games and batted .167. A lot of people questioned the decision making of the Braves front office when they named him their starting first basemen last season. And he started off a bit slow last year, posting a .217/.314/.380 slashline in March/April. As the summer progressed his OPS improved as well (.802 in May, .819 in June, 1.033 in July, .714 in August and .670 in September/October). He obviously faltered as the season wore on, but he was only 21 years old. Before last season, where he played in 157 games, the most games he’d played in a season was 144 (in 2010 split between AAA Gwinnett and the Braves). 13 games may not seem like a lot, but that 2 additional weeks does make a difference.

I think that as Freeman grows into his 6’5″ body and has a full year in the majors under his belt, he’ll end up putting up great fantasy numbers. He is definitely not in the elite first basemen category with Cabrera and Pujols, but I think this year we’ll see Freeman eclipse guys like Mark Teixera and Paul Konerko and he’ll be pushing into the top 5 fantasy first basemen.

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