Fantasy players I will stay away from

As draft season is winding down and we get ready to run headlong into the regular season, I found there were guys that that I was less fond of than I thought in my drafts. Going into the draft I usually know that there’re guys that I just know are not going to be on my squad. Matt Kemp for example. He burned me so bad in 2010,that I have a hard time imagining ever owning him again. Of course, that’s fantasy retardation setting in, but, I’m a realist and its very real in me. Below is a list of other guys who share that same distinction of guys I think are probably pretty good, and can help your fantasy team (but not mine, thank you very much).

C – Joe Mauer – he’s one dimensional. Granted that one dimension wins batting titles, and that has a ton of value, I’m not going to spend top dollar to get a one dimensional player with an injury history.

1B – Paul Goldschmidt – his ADP over the past 7 days on ESPN has risen 3.3% and is now listed as the #8 first basemen. I think first base is very deep this year and you can get solid production from your 1B later in the draft. Goldschmidt has the potential to give you elite home runs. He’s in a great ballpark for that, but for me, the price is too high.

2B – Dustin Pedroia – he’s definitely the number 2 fantasy second baseman, but nagging injuries tend to hamper his ability to recapture his 2008 MVP form. I think the Red Sox this season will continue to be a mess and Pedroia is the clubhouse leader and I think the drama and little injuries will cause Pedroia to not earn his draft value back.

3B – Pablo Sandoval – the bone spur in his elbow is just an excuse I’ll use to not draft him. Although I rated him seventh among third basemen, I just don’t trust the guy. His stats are fairly inconsistent. That paired with the injury concerns will have the Panda is someone elses zoo.

SS – Elvis Andrus – here’s a guy who I feel like is overrated. He’s been consistent in giving you a good average and a fair amount of steals. However, his career stolen base success rate is 74%, which is ok, but I’d like it to be higher. Especially considering it was 67% last season. Shortstop is super thin and Andrus is one of the better shortstops, but I’d rather have a different skill set from my SS.

LF – Justin Upton – I don’t see any value here,but I do see a ton of risk. You still have to pay a first round premium for Upton while he’s just delivered 17 HR two of the last 3 years. He’s still just 25 years old and he has enormous upside. Upton has the potential to carry your fantasy team. The problem is, he’s never done that in his career.

CF – Michael Bourn – here’s a guy who I’ve drafted the past 2 season, but won’t draft again. Most productive years are behind him. Bourn is getting older and I don’t like aging speedsters. Especially coming off seasons where he stole 42 bases but only had a 76% success rate. His previous 3 seasons, his success rate was 82%.

RF – Josh Hamilton – there are a lot of things that will keep me away from Josh Hamilton this season. There are obvious make up red flags that have led him to make some strange in season decisions. Quitting tobacco in season, while ultimately a good idea, seems like poor timing to me. Pile that on the energy drink issue that caused him to have eye trouble. He kind of seems like a mess off the field. While his first half of 2012 was historically good (.308/.380/.635 with 27 HR), his second half was good but definitely not great (.259/.323/.510). I don’t want that unpredictability on my team.

SP – Brandon Morrow – According to ESPN he’s going for around $8 in auctions and pick 111 in snake drafts. He obviously has top shelf stuff. He had a sub 3.00 ERA in 21 starts last season. His career K/9 is 9.6 which is dominant for a starter. Josh Joshson, Dan Haren and Doug Fister are all going for about the same price as Morrow. I’d take any of those guys over Morrow. His flucuation in ERA and WHIP over the past 3 years doesn’t instill any confidence for me. Although his strikeouts are extremely attractive.

RP – Craig Kimbrel – he is the most dominant closer in the game, why would I head into a draft with his name crossed out already? Well. I know that someone is going to pay a lot more than I am willing to to get Kimbrel’s services.

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