Called Shots: Week 11

Week 11 will look a little different from the rest of the weeks because I (Kendall) am stepping in for Kyle who’s on a fishing trip in Canada this week. I will do my best.

Obviously the biggest news of the week is the craziness that Yaisel Puig has brought to the Los Angeles Dodgers and to fantasy leagues across the land. Through his first 8 games, his slash line is a ridiculousĀ .471/.500/.882. That’s right folks his OPS is 1.382. On top of all of that he has 4 home runs and 10 RBI. This is in just over a week people. Most guys on the lower half of this list would be pretty happy with those numbers for a month.

Tuesday night, Puig went 0-2, got hit in the face with a pitch (and was fine), and then got tossed for going ballistic after Zach Greinke got plunked. Even though all of this adds up to a great story, he’s not going to repeat the season that Mike Trout had last year. I just don’t think he’s that type of player. Talent evaluators seem to think that his hit tool isn’t polished enough and can be exposed by throwing him breaking balls. At least 2 of his home runs have come off of breaking balls, so he can hit the ones that miss, which is good, but when he’s faced with a steady diet of junk, I expect that his numbers will normalize. Wait… do I mean normalize down from a 1.382 OPS… yeah… going out on a pretty sturdy limb there.

As players who aren’t taking major metropolitan areas by storm, Troy Tulowitzki has been going off. Coming into action on Tuesday Tulo’s slash line for the month of June was .424/.500/.848 which is good for a Puigian OPS of 1.348. Since June 1, he’s scored 9 runs, hit 4 home runs and driven in 8 runs. Health is always a concern for Tulo, but when healthy, he’s a top 10 fantasy player.

Some injuries have cropped up that led me to drop a few guys down the list a bit. I’m looking at you Bryce Harper. As for the top of the list. I have to go with Miggy.

  1. Miguel Cabrera
    He’s a force. In only 3 of his last 10 games has he failed to score a run.
  2. Mike Trout
    Trout has quietly had a fantastic season. In his last 4 games he’s scored 5 runs, hit 2 homers, driven in 4 runs and swiped a bag. Suggestions that his rookie campaign was an aberrationĀ are and have been ridiculous. He can flat out play.
  3. Carlos Gonzalez
    Cargo gives you amazingly balanced production with numbers that are similar to Trout’s YTD.
  4. Joey Votto
    Votto’s RBI totals are down, but his .446 OBP leads the league, which proves to be good for the Reds and Brandon Phillips who hits behind him, but you’d like to see a bit more run production from someone who’s such a supremely talented hitter.
  5. Robinson Cano
    Slow and steady wins the race. That’s exactly what Cano brings to the table. His stats are money in the bank.
  6. Justin Upton
    After a blistering month of April, Upton has seen his OPS fall from 1.122 on May 1st, to .848 on June 10th. Over that stretch he’s hitting .215/.331/.308. Since June 1st his batting average is .229 and that’s even with a BABIP of .364. Things are not going well for Justin Upton right now. He’ll turn it around.
  7. Ryan Braun
  8. Prince Fielder
  9. Paul Goldschmidt
  10. Troy Tulowitzki
  11. David Wright
  12. Andrew McCutchen
  13. Manny Machado
  14. Evan Longoria
  15. Shin-Soo Choo
  16. Adam Jones
  17. Adrian Beltre
  18. Giancarlo Stanton
  19. Jose Bautista
  20. Buster Posey
  21. Bryce Harper
  22. Dustin Pedroia
  23. Alex Rios
  24. Chris Davis
  25. Brandon Phillips
  26. Edwin Encarnacion
  27. Adrian Gonzalez
  28. Billy Butler
  29. Jason Heyward
  30. David Ortiz
  31. Joe Mauer
  32. Jean Segura
  33. Carlos Gomez
  34. Anthony Rizzo
  35. Yoenis Cespedes
  36. Aramis Ramirez
  37. Jason Kipnis
  38. Jay Bruce
  39. Allen Craig
  40. Domonic Brown
  41. Dexter Fowler
  42. Starling Marte
  43. Ian Kinsler
  44. Ryan Zimmerman
  45. Starlin Castro
  46. Ben Zobrist
  47. Freddie Freeman
  48. Josh Hamilton
  49. Ian Desmond
  50. Chase Utley
  51. Yadier Molina
  52. Coco Crisp
  53. Mark Reynolds
  54. Everth Cabrera
  55. Yaisel Puig
  56. Matt Holliday
  57. Carlos Beltran
  58. Jose Altuve
  59. Pablo Sandoval
  60. Mike Napoli
  61. Albert Pujols
  62. Mark Trumbo
  63. Josh Donaldson
  64. Jimmy Rollins
  65. Alex Gordon
  66. Carlos Santana
  67. Hunter Pence
  68. Matt Carpenter
  69. Desmond Jennings
  70. Jose Reyes
  71. Kendrys Morales
  72. Chase Headley
  73. Austin Jackson
  74. Nate McLouth
  75. Todd Frazier
  76. Nori Aoki
  77. Michael Bourn
  78. Nick Markakis
  79. Alcides Escobar
  80. Hanley Ramirez
  81. Wilin Rosario
  82. Adam Lind
  83. Josh Willingham
  84. Asdrubal Cabrera
  85. Howie Kendrick
  86. Matt Kemp
  87. Salvador Perez
  88. Corey Hart
  89. Kevin Youkilis
  90. Nelson Cruz
  91. Carl Crawford
  92. Curtis Granderson
  93. Michael Cuddyer
  94. Howard Kendrick
  95. Kyle Seager
  96. Mike Morse
  97. Victor Martinez
  98. Alfonso Soriano
  99. Paul Konerko
  100. Nick Swisher
  101. Shane Victorino
  102. Jayson Werth

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