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So that didn’t go so well. Yesterday I sung the praises of Mike Minor, Lance Lynn and Homer Bailey. Lynn and Bailey then proceeded to go out and get bombed in their starts. Minor did deliver a quality start, which is how I’ll grade myself on these picks moving forward. I’m definitely new to daily evaluations of pitching match ups, but I look to get better and will be tracking my progress. My goal is to be over .500 in providing you quality start advice. So right now, I’ve got a .333 record and I’ll look to improve upon that today. Just have one pitcher I love today.

I looked into a couple of the other match ups, but didn’t really like what I saw there. I’ve been a fan of Corey Kluber¬†for a little bit now, but I just can’t recommend him going up against Chris Davis and his homer happy homies. The Diamondbacks send 9 game winner to the bump against bona fide ace Stephen Strasburg. If I had to pick one horse in this race it would be Strasburg, but if you’re looking for a daily play, the quality of the opponent has to play in and that’s a tough match up for both starters.


Tyler Chatwood vs NYM
Chatwood has given up more than 2 runs in just 1 start this season. And that came on his first start of the year back in April. In the 7 games since then he has a 1.63 ERA with a 20.6% strikeout rate and has given up zero home runs. Granted, the teams he’s done this against are relatively weak opponents. He’s faced the Dodgers, Giants (twice), Houston, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and Washington who all together are averaging¬†3.94 runs per game, which happens to be almost spot on what his next opponent, the Mets are scoring per game (3.96). So Chatwood will see another weak lineup and should be able to exploit them.


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