Mid-season Awards

The All Star Break is upon us. All teams have played more than 90 games, so I know it’s not really the halfway point in the season. But I asked some of the writers around here to weigh in on who they thought were deserving of awards for their work thus far this season.

Alex Chris Kendall Kyle
AL ROY Leonys Martin Leonys Martin Leonys Martin Jose Iglesias
AL Cy Young Max Scherzer Max Scherzer Felix Hernandez Max Scherzer
AL MVP Chris Davis Miguel Cabrera Chris Davis Miguel Cabrera
2nd Half AL Sleeper Colby Rasmus Mike Moustakas Alex Gordon Will Middlebrooks
NL ROY Shelby Miller Yasiel Puig Yasiel Puig Shelby Miller
NL Cy Young Clayton Kershaw Matt Harvey Adam Wainwright Matt Harvey
NL MVP Paul Goldschmidt Carlos Gomez Carlos Gonzalez Carlos Gonzalez
2nd Half NL Sleeper Matt Adams Norichika Aoki Eric Young Jr. Starlin Castro

Not surprisingly there were no unanimous decisions. The most clear cut races were in the American League. Both Rookie of the Year and Cy Young were 3-1 votes. Leonys Martin won the honors for the Rookie award after posting a .283/.336/.422 slash line in the first half. He also added 19 steals and 5 home runs to your totals. Max Scherzer got most of the love in the AL Cy Young race, but I took a different tack. And not just because I’m a Seattleite. Felix has better pitching numbers across the board. He only trails him in HR/FB and K/9. In terms of run prevention, I’ll take Felix every time. And it’s not like Felix is a chump when it comes to missing bats. Scherzer is 2nd in the AL in K/9 while Felix is 5th.

The NL Rookie award caused me a lot of stress… well, as much stress as making a mid-season NL Rookie of the Year award can stress a guy out. I am a huge Shelby Miller fan, but his performance dip of late (only 1 quality start in his last 4 starts) is a bit of a cause for concern for me. And Puig has been one hell of a story.

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