We bid you farewell, Brendan Ryan

brendan-ryanAs Brendan Ryan joins the Yankees for a player to be named later, I’d like to take a minute to remember what he brought to baseball in the Pacific Northwest… ok. Times up. I do have to say that I am a fan of Brendan Ryan. He seems like a genuinely nice guy who has some sick leather and can’t really hit very well. He’s a grinder and a clubhouse guy and all of those other warm, fuzzy, old baseball cliches, but his time is over here in Seattle and it’s time for Brad Miller to patrol shortstop for the Mariners. In Ryan’s 3 years in Seattle he brought 7.4 WAR (almost all of that on the defensive side of the equation). In Brad Miller’s 65 games for the Mariners this season, he’s brought 1.5 WAR to the team, most of his value coming from his offense. It’s no secret that the Mariners need help with their offense so it’s no wonder that the front office is giving the keys to the infield to the 23 year old shortstop. The Mariners will get a player to be named later who is sure to be of little or no value. The Yankees farm system is fairly poor and an all glove, no bat shortstop isn’t going to fetch a top prospect.

I wish Brendan Ryan all the best in the Bronx. He has 1 more year on his deal and will provide the Yankees with top shelf defense.┬áIf I thought the Yankees had a chance at the post season I would feel bad that he wouldn’t be on the post season roster. I don’t think Ryan will have to gnash his teeth too hard about that one. The Yanks will be golfing while the playoffs are taking place.

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  1. ChrisB says:

    No Hit, All Field shortstops are a throwback. You have to bring SOMETHING to the plate – Stolen Bases, sacrifices, at least Mendoza line hitting. Ryan supplied 4 outs pretty much every game and hitting the Mendoza line would be a vast improvement. Clint Barmes is in a similar situation – great defense but his hitting is so bad he lost his job — and he hit 30+ points better than Ryan. Ryan is a good fit for the Yankees. They have so much hitting they can survive a gaping hole in the lineup. The M’s can’t afford that luxury.

    • Well said Chris. I do think the Yankees need some production from their shortstop, but Ryan is an upgrade defensively and a good clubhouse guy.

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