Revisting: 5 Pitchers that will be in the Top 20 at the End of the Season

Name 2013 WAR
Anibal Sanchez 3.0
Ubaldo Jimenez 3.0
David Price 2.9
Jon Lester 2.7
Clayton Kershaw 2.7
A.J. Burnett 2.5
Max Scherzer 2.5
Hisashi Iwakuma 2.4
Cole Hamels 2.4
Justin Verlander 2.2
Scott Kazmir 2.1
Cliff Lee 2.1
Yu Darvish 2.1
Doug Fister 2.0
Kris Medlen 1.9
Chris Sale 1.9
Zack Greinke 1.9
James Shields 1.9
Madison Bumgarner 1.8
Jeremy Guthrie 1.8

Over the All Star break back in July I wrote about the 5 pitchers who I thought would post top 20 WAR over the 2nd half, even though their first halves didn’t put them in the top 20 (according to

cole-hamelsI landed one on the list. Cole Hamels had 1.8 WAR in the first half over 129 innings, and followed that up with 2.4 WAR in the 2nd half in 91 innings. In the 1st half he had a 21.8 K% and he raised that rate up to 23.0% in the 2nd half. The big change for Hamels in the 2nd half was that he cut his BB% from 6.3% to 4.4%. He proved over the 2nd half of 2013 that he’s still an top fantasy pitcher. He’s not a top 10 SP anymore, but he’s definitely still a top 20 guy.


I just missed on Stephen Strasburg, he came in at number 25 with 1.6 WAR over the 2nd half. Rick Porcello was the only other of the quintet that made it into the top 50 WAR in the 2nd half of 2013. Porcello was 49 on the list with 1.3 WAR. Matt Cain was 59th with 1.0 WAR and Matt Moore totally fell apart and only had 0.1 WAR. When he loses his command, his game falls apart. And it did in the 2nd half.

I did mention my concern that Patrick Corbin couldn’t maintain his 1st half performance. He didn’t. Corbin notched only 1 WAR in the 2nd half and ended up at 61st.

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