Why isn’t Christian Yelich 100% owned?

yelichI have no idea. He’s only owned in 94.2% of ESPN leagues. I seriously doubt the fantasy community at-large is clued in on his trouble hitting lefties. He has a .949 OPS against right handers but dips all the way down to .457 against lefties. Obviously this is something the 22 year old has to work on to get better.

Coming into action on Thursday, Yelich has a .290/.353/.419 slash line this season with 2 stolen bases and 8 runs scored. Yes, please heap small sample size caveats all over this analysis. Last season in 273 plate appearances his slash line looked pretty similar, .288/.370/.396 with 10 steals and 34 runs scored. If we extrapolate those numbers out to a full season, that’s a .288/.368/.399 slash line, 25+ stolen bases and 90+ runs scored. So I ask you again, why isn’t Christian Yelich owned in all leagues?

Photo credit: Brad Barr / USA Today Sports

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