How to kick off trade negotiations

I was checking out your roster & noticed you could use an upgrade at SS & LF for the stretch run. Would you be in favor of a deal like this to help you contend this year?

This was a message I received from one of my league-mates. It doesn’t really matter what he proposed, I’m already warmed up and ready to see what he has to offer in terms of a replacement shortstop. I currently have Asdrubal Cabrera as my shortstop in that league and he’s not lighting the world on fire. In left I have a combination of Christian Yelich (whom I like very much despite his .249/.333/.407 slash line) and Brandon Moss (who also gets playing time for me in right field and first base). My potential trade partner has identified what I already know, my team isn’t as strong as it could be. I’m currently in 4th place and have bounced around places 2-4 for the last month and could stand to gain a few points in each category. This is a deep keeper league with minor leagues and he’s trying to rebuild his farm system. He has some moveable assets that won’t contribute to his next run at a championship. He’s hoping to trade multiple guys that he’s not going to keep for one or two players that he will keep or are still in the minor leagues.

This is a great strategy when the calendar turns to June and you know that you’re not going to compete for a title this year. Especially if you’re in any form of dynasty league or a keeper league with any sort of minor league system, if you’re out of it, restock and rebuild. I’ve heard claims that this is tanking or throwing in the towel but I disagree. It’s making your team better. Maybe not better this year, but better overall and, in your mind, it’s giving you a better chance to win down the road. It does you and your team no good to hold on to players who are nearing the end of their careers, but are still productive, if your team isn’t going to compete.


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  1. madalan says:

    What’s the trade offer?

    • I declined the offer and I’m not going to tip the other owner’s hand because I know he’s shopping those same guys around to other folks. It was a fair offer, but I decided against it.

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