Revisiting Bold Predictions: National League East

Back in March, I penned some bold predictions about every Major League team. I’m revisiting them division by division to see how I did.

ATL – A healthy Dan Uggla doesn’t log 400 plate appearances for the Braves in 2014.

I was so right about this one (the writing was on the wall). Uggla only managed 145 plate appearances for the Braves this year before he was released. He has since signed a minor league deal with the Giants. We’ll see how well that turns out. When he hits the ball, it goes far. It’s the hitting the ball that’s been the problem. 

MIA – Giancarlo Stanton will hit 25 first half home runs and the Marlins will trade him at the deadline.

His first half total was 21 homers, so does that mean I’m off the hook about the trade part? I don’t think there’s any way the Marlins deal Stanton. After Jose Fernandez went down this spring, Stanton has held this team on his back (along with some good young pitching). I think the Marlins think they have something cooking in the next few years with their young nucleus.

NYM – 41 year old Bartolo Colon posts his 3rd sub-4.00 season in a row.

Bartolo is right on the brink. He had a 3.99 ERA in the first half. His first outing of the 2nd half saw him give up 4 runs over 5 innings which pushed his ERA up to 4.12 for the year. If his ERA does finish north of 4.00 this season it will only be the 7th time in his 17 year career. That’s pretty amazing.

PHI – Ryan Howard has one more big power season. He’ll hit 35 HR and drive in over 100 runs.

This could still happen, but he’ll have to get pretty hot. The Phillies have already played 100 games and he’s sitting at 15 HR. He might be able to eclipse 100 RBI, but if the Phillies do sell off some of his teammates, he’ll struggle with that as well.

WSH – The only bold prediction about the Nationals this year would be if they didn’t completely run away with the NL East, but I don’t see that happening. They are a complete team that is built to dominate.

The Braves are hanging in there, but the Nationals are still out in front in the NL East. Most of that was done without their best hitter, Bryce Harper, who just came back at the end of June.

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