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How to kick off trade negotiations

I was checking out your roster & noticed you could use an upgrade at SS & LF for the stretch run. Would you be in favor of a deal like this to help you contend this year? This was a message I received from one of my league-mates. It doesn’t really matter what he proposed, [...]

Surprising Offenses

My sophomore year in college, I transferred to a new school and was placed in a dorm with a senior. He was a decent enough guy, I guess. I do recall he was very keen on keeping a clean gun. Yeah, gun. He was an avid hunter and kept a pistol (in a locked box) [...]

Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Shortstop

The top 5 shortstops have been consistent for the past few years. Troy Tulowitzki has the ability to hit 30 HR and steal 20 bases and he brings quality hitting as well. His career slashline is .292/.364/.504. The biggest question about Tulo is his health. Can he stay healthy and log over 140 games? The [...]