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Charge the Mound: Week 17

Our first real post-All Star break starting pitcher rankings. Nothing too crazy up at the top of the list. Wainwright, Kershaw and Darvish man the top 3 posts. David Price returns to the list after a disappointing start to the season, followed by an injury. There will be some starters on the move as we [...]

Charge the Mound: Week 14

Max Scherzer continues to show himself as an elite starter and his teammate Justin Verlander is getting back on track. David Price makes a triumphant comeback and sits at #12 on the list. I expect him to move up the list as he proves he’s back and healthy. Some strange faces down at the tail [...]

Charge the Mound: Week 12

Another week where it’s been difficult to decide between number 1 and number 2. Adam Wainwright missed out last week to Yu Darvish and this week, Clayton Kershaw takes the top spot. Never fear, I’m sure that at some point, Wainwright will prove worthy of the top spot. He’s just too consistent and too good [...]

Charge the Mound: Week 11

I struggled mightily this week trying to decide between Yu Darvish and Adam Wainwright for the top spot on the list. I had to go  with Darvish because of his elite 33.9% strikeout rate. Wainwright’s 24.2% strikeout rate isn’t bad, and he’s only walking 2.2% of the batter he faces, compared to Darvish’s 7.7% walk rate. Both are elite [...]

A Look at Rookie Pitchers: Julio Teheran

There have been 25 rookie starting pitchers in Major League Baseball this season. Seventeen of those pitchers have positive WAR. Only eight of those guys you really give a shit about. Today we’ll be looking at Julio Teheran who is coming off of a 8 inning 1 hit outing against the Pirates. Teheran has made [...]

Charge the Mound: Week 10

Yu Darvish returns to the top spot in my rankings. It was close between Darvish and Adam Wainwright. Both pitch for first place teams and have solid K%. Darvish has an elite K% at 34.8% and that gives him the edge over Wainwright, whose K% is 24.3%. Yu Darvish Darvish went 7 innings against the Royals [...]

Charge the Mound: Week 9

This week we see 3 additions to the top 20. Mike Minor, Patrick Corbin and Hiroki Kuroda all made their debuts on the list this week. I hadn’t been a believer in Corbin until recently and he just keeps proving that he belongs. I have seen Kuroda and Minor as solid starters but they’ve emerged [...]

Charge the Mound: Week 8

I have really liked what I have been seeing from Adam Wainwright. He climbs up to the #3 spot this week. Justin Verlander and Felix Hernandez have faltered of late and I need to see them get back on track before I put them back up toward the top of the list. Some new faces [...]

Charge the Mound: Week 7

Clayton Kershaw Eleven strikeouts over 8.2 innings against a tough Nationals lineup pops the dominant lefty up to the top spot. No real surprise here, Kershaw has continued to bring his A game to the mound for the Dodgers all season. Felix Hernandez Felix tweaked his back Tuesday night after 6 innings of work against [...]

Charge the Mound: Week 6

Yu Darvish Through seven starts, Darvish is averaging 10.28 strike outs per start. He made 29 starts last season. If he maintains his strike out per start rate over the same amount of starts this season he’s in line for 298 Ks for 2013. He notched 14 Ks in his most recent start against the Red [...]