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Revisiting Bold Predictions: National League West

Back in March, I penned some bold predictions about every Major League team. I’m revisiting them division by division to see how I did. ARI – Archie Bradley will have more wins than any other Diamondbacks starter. The Diamondbacks starting rotation has been a mishmash of ineffectiveness and injury, but because of injury, Bradley hasn’t [...]

Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Shortstop

Hanley and Tulo duked it out for the top spot in our rankings this year. Either could easily be the 2014 MVP. They could also each miss 100 games with an injury. No position has as many health question marks at the top of the rankings like shortstop does. There definitely some steady guys that [...]

Players who will benefit from Biogenesis suspensions

With the report from T.J. Quinn and Mike Fish, it looks like MLB will be suspending Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez. Whether those suspensions hold up on appeal is a different story. Along with the two superstars on the list, as many as 20 other players have been implicated in the Biogenesis scandal and [...]

Everth Cabrera and middle infield sleepers

As a shortstop with 50 steal potential, one would think Everth Cabrera should draw a little more attention heading into draft season.  Despite leading the National League in steals last year with 44 and playing at fantasy’s weakest position, Cabrera is seen as more of an afterthought.  ESPN has Cabrera ranked as its 18th best [...]

Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Shortstop

The top 5 shortstops have been consistent for the past few years. Troy Tulowitzki has the ability to hit 30 HR and steal 20 bases and he brings quality hitting as well. His career slashline is .292/.364/.504. The biggest question about Tulo is his health. Can he stay healthy and log over 140 games? The [...]