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Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Outfield

Seriously, was there any doubt who the top outfielder is? No, and not for the next 5 years. It’s Mike Trout until at least 2019. Last year’s NL MVP is the unanimous #2 OF, and after that, things start getting a little fuzzy.

Ride the Slump or Dump the Chump: Adam Jones

Obviously we’re not talking about dropping Adam Jones. Hell, on ESPN and Yahoo (and maybe others) he’s on the undroppable list, so even if you wanted to, you couldn’t drop him. He’s an elite player but, after a very nice start to Adam Jones’ 2013 season, the month of June didn’t go very well for [...]

Overvalued: Jay Bruce

Jay Bruce gets a lot of love from all over the fantasy baseball spectrum.  There aren’t many places you can go where you’ll find people who don’t want to draft him.  While Bruce excites us with his power and tantalizes us with his tools, the sum of the parts is not all that exciting.  His [...]

2012 Outfield Values

The outfield position appears relatively shallow this year compared to previous seasons, and the lack of top-end-talent means people begin to reach for a player they hope will blossom into elite status. Here are two players who are remarkably similar, yet their average draft position at MDP varies from pick #40 to #84: Player A [...]