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Charge the Mound: Week 6

Yu Darvish Through seven starts, Darvish is averaging¬†10.28 strike outs per start. He made 29 starts last season. If he maintains his strike out per start rate over the same amount of starts this season he’s in line for 298 Ks for 2013. He notched 14 Ks in his most recent start against the Red [...]

Charge the Mound: Week 5

When the season began, I figured that Jon Lester would benefit most from the reunion with his former pitching coach John Farrell. I didn’t take into account that Clay Bucholz would rip off 6 straight wins with a 1.01 ERA. My bad there. Mat Latos also makes his debut after a slow start. Jake Peavy, [...]

Charge the Mound: Week 4

The early season dominance of Yu Darvish gives us a new number 1. Every one else is settling into the season. Guys like Jon Lester and Clay Bucholz of the Red Sox are rebounding and flourishing under their former pitching coach, now manager John Farrell. While others are having a hard time shaking off rough [...]

Charge the Mound: Week 3

A lot of pitchers went down last week. Some of whom fantasy owners depended on to lead their rotations. I wrote a piece about replacing those pitchers, now let’s see how far they’ve fallen. Of the top level starters that have recently been put on the DL, Cueto at 73 , Jered Weaver at 93 [...]

Charge the Mound: Week 2

The name of this column takes on some special meaning today with what happened last night in San Diego. Carlos Quentin charged the mound after Zack Greinke hit him in the shoulder. I don’t think Greinke intentionally hit Quentin. There was no reason to. Apparently there was some bad blood on Quentin’s part, he’d been [...]

Starting Pitchers: Who do you love?

Matt Moore (TB) This guys has been fast-tracked to the majors and at every level he continues to amaze. What’s not to love. Lefty, high strikeout rate, low walk rate, durable, cool under pressure. Brandon Beachy (ATL) His K/9 rate is mouth watering. There are questions about durability and sophomore slumps, but I think this [...]