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Charge the Mound: Week 21

I’ve heard rumblings about other sport’s seasons starting, but I know of no sport other than baseball. As others cast their pearls before swine, I’ll maintain my focus on starting pitchers in the game of baseball. Clayton Kershaw Kershaw hasn’t allowed an earned run in 19.1 innings. He leads the league with 23 quality starts [...]

Charge the Mound: Week 20

A couple new faces in at the tail end of the list. Jhoulys Chacin makes his first appearance here and Matt Cain earns his way back onto the list, and soon into our hearts. Not a whole lot of shuffling up at the top. There’s a reason these guys have been there and will continue [...]

Charge the Mound: Week 19

There are some guys that I just cannot, on principle, take off this list. Jose Fernandez who has struck out 27 batters in his last 16 innings of work, might get shut down before the end of the season which obviously limits his viability as a fantasy pitcher. But damn if his numbers aren’t super [...]

Charge the Mound: Week 18

Kershaw takes the top spot again. One surprise addition to the top 10 is Yankee’s starter Hiroki Kuroda. He’s been strong all year and his consistency is what is bringing up in the ranks. We are starting to see guys fall in the rankings due to potential innings caps. The more information that comes out [...]

Charge the Mound: Week 17

Our first real post-All Star break starting pitcher rankings. Nothing too crazy up at the top of the list. Wainwright, Kershaw and Darvish man the top 3 posts. David Price returns to the list after a disappointing start to the season, followed by an injury. There will be some starters on the move as we [...]

Mid-season Awards

The All Star Break is upon us. All teams have played more than 90 games, so I know it’s not really the halfway point in the season. But I asked some of the writers around here to weigh in on who they thought were deserving of awards for their work thus far this season. Alex Chris [...]

Charge the Mound: Week 14

Max Scherzer continues to show himself as an elite starter and his teammate Justin Verlander is getting back on track. David Price makes a triumphant comeback and sits at #12 on the list. I expect him to move up the list as he proves he’s back and healthy. Some strange faces down at the tail [...]

Charge the Mound: Week 12

Another week where it’s been difficult to decide between number 1 and number 2. Adam Wainwright missed out last week to Yu Darvish and this week, Clayton Kershaw takes the top spot. Never fear, I’m sure that at some point, Wainwright will prove worthy of the top spot. He’s just too consistent and too good [...]

Charge the Mound: Week 10

Yu Darvish returns to the top spot in my rankings. It was close between Darvish and Adam Wainwright. Both pitch for first place teams and have solid K%. Darvish has an elite K% at 34.8% and that gives him the edge over Wainwright, whose K% is 24.3%. Yu Darvish Darvish went 7 innings against the Royals [...]

Charge the Mound: Week 7

Clayton Kershaw Eleven strikeouts over 8.2 innings against a tough Nationals lineup pops the dominant lefty up to the top spot. No real surprise here, Kershaw has continued to bring his A game to the mound for the Dodgers all season. Felix Hernandez Felix tweaked his back Tuesday night after 6 innings of work against [...]